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Towards automatic cashiers in casinos

Just as the first automatic cashiers without cashiers are appearing in supermarkets, the concept is now spreading to casinos. Although tests of this system have remained rather discreet in recent years, it is the Société des casinos du Québec (SCQ) that has recently initiated the definitive introduction of this system in casinos.

In 2008, the Montreal casino https://casinopokiesurf.com/ was one of the pioneers in this field. It hosted the first electronic poker table. However, in 2009 it withdrew the first trials and put the traditional dealers back to work. That’s because the system hadn’t caught on with so many fans – Canadian players didn’t really enjoy being around a table without a real dealer. And the dealers and their unions didn’t like it either.

However, it is the crisis that has been raging for several years at the international level and in particular in casinos that is pushing Quebec casinos to re-equip themselves with electronic gaming tables. The future of the profession is at stake and it is easy to understand why croupiers and their unions are angry. For the casino, these electronic tables have the advantage of only having to be manned by animators, who are paid less than the croupiers, and of allowing them to welcome 50% more players per table.

The live casino is dead?

The paradox is that it is precisely to compensate for the lack of human life in online casinos that the live casino has developed – gaming tables filmed live in a real casino, with a real dealer…

It is therefore understandable that these tables are particularly interesting from an economic point of view for the casinos. But in the long run, are they good for the customer and for society as a whole? If we think that casinos used to provide jobs, we can see from the use of these machines that this is less and less likely to be the case. It also contributes to the dehumanisation of the casino, which has been a traditional meeting place since time immemorial. It is perhaps the same feeling you get when you walk through a supermarket without meeting a single person on your way home through fully automated checkouts.